5 Tips to Prevent Tire Related Accidents

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Summer is just around the corner. It’s time to get your car and your tires ready for the long days in the sun. Many car accidents that occur during the summer months are due to how your car’s tires react in the heat. Proper tire care and safety tips will help you to reduce your risk of an accident. It’s also important to have a West Hollywood car accident lawyer on your side in case an accident does occur.

5 Tips to Avoid Tire Related Accidents

With National Tire Safety Week (5/21 – 5/28) coming up, it’s time to make sure your tires are in good shape. Proper tire maintenance is as important as maintaining your engine and transmission. Without good tires, your car won’t run as efficiently as it should. The following five summer tire-safety tips will help you avoid accidents and keep you safely on the road where you belong.

  • Maintain proper tire pressure (each type of tire is different)
  • Check for unusual wear patterns that can be caused by your tires being out of alignment
  • Rotate your tires every 5,000 to 6,000 miles to prevent uneven wear
  • Keep an eye on the amount of tread on your tires and monitor the progress of wear
  • Drive according to the road conditions, slowing down when water, snow, or high winds are present

With proper care, your tires can last for several thousand miles and keep you safe in the process.

When You Should Consider Buying New Tires

Just like a car’s engine and other parts, tires are lasting longer than ever before thanks to advances in technology. However, every time you drive your car, a little bit of your tires’ tread wears away. If your tires begin to show uneven wear patterns or excess tread loss, you may want to replace them before you begin to lose traction. Even if your tires still have ample tread on them, most experts recommend replacing them every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. Your tires can begin to deteriorate as they age, increasing your risk of an accident.

Benefits of Having a West Hollywood Car Accident Lawyer

Having the right car accident lawyer by your side will make sure you are treated fairly and that your rights are fully protected. An attorney will be able to pursue valuable information that you may not have access to. They can also negotiate a settlement or build a case that will aim to get the compensation you deserve after a traumatic accident. After any type of car accident, insurance companies start working diligently to get each party to agree to a settlement. Never sign or agree to anything until you have had a reputable personal injury attorney look over your case.

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