Valuable Advice for You to Help your Mom After She’s Been in an Accident

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If mom needs guidance about possible legal action, she should call a California accident lawyer today at California Injury Attorneys.

A car accident can be a harrowing incident that may leave the victim with physical and emotional damage. These effects can sometimes be long-lasting and significant. If the person involved is your mom, or the mother of your children, you’ll want to give her as much love and support as possible. From helping her with daily tasks to encouraging her to contact a doctor and California accident lawyer, the following tips in honor of Mother’s Day will help you aid in her recovery.

Take Photos

If you’re in the car when the accident occurs, take photos of the scene as long as it’s safe to do so. Use your phone to show damage to the cars involved in the crash, a broad perspective of where the accident occurred, and any other pertinent information. This could include things such as traffic lights, stop signs, or road hazards. If you weren’t present when the accident occurred, take photos of mom’s injuries and her vehicle as soon as you possibly can.

Offer Emotional Support

Acknowledge that Mom has been through a traumatic event that can continue to impact her long after the accident itself. If she’d like to talk about the accident, encourage her to do so. But, don’t force her into discussing it when she’d rather not. Spend time with her, even if she can’t yet pursue her regular activities. And most importantly, let your mom, or your children’s mom, know that you’re there for her in whatever she needs.

Help Her with Daily Tasks

Mom may have trouble accomplishing tasks that she’s been doing for years. She may need you to drive her to errands and her appointments, clean house, cook meals, walk the dog, and complete other activities she may be unable to. Spend some time with her to see how she’s getting around and if she’s able to care for her home, if your mom is living elsewhere. If not, pitch in to do what she’s not currently able to.

Go With Her to Medical Appointments

It may be hard for mom to remember everything the doctor and nurse tell her at a doctor’s appointment. Go along with her, take notes about her instructions, and ask questions if needed. You can serve as another set of eyes and ears to ensure that nothing is left out or is unclear. In addition, if you’re at the appointment with her, you may be able to help her follow the instructions at home.

Keep Track of Important Documents

Set up a file of important documents related to mom’s accident so she can easily keep track of them. From photos to medical receipts to letters from the insurance company, she’ll need to have her documents easily accessible. Especially if she chooses to pursue a legal claim with a California accident lawyer.

Urge Her to Use Caution About What She Says

Mom may be ready to apologize to the other driver or admit blame, even if the wreck wasn’t her fault. She may end up confused after the accident, not aware of everything that occurred, or may just reflexively want to apologize. Encourage her to let the insurance companies and judicial system assign blame after gathering all the facts.

Getting Help from a California Accident Lawyer

If mom needs legal guidance about possible legal action, she should call a California accident lawyer today at California Injury Attorneys at (323) 999-HELP. We can offer your mother free consultations to review her possible case. Our office hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m., but you can reach us anytime 24/7 by phone. We also offer a Live Chat feature on our website for your convenience. So, don’t wait. Contact us today!


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