5 Easy Tips to Help You Manage Road Rage

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If you’ve suffered an auto accident as a result of another driver’s road rage, our California auto accident lawyers want to help you get justice.

“Road rage” is considered a branch of “intermittent explosive disorder.” It can happen to people of every educational and socio-economic background. If you’re the kind of driver who tends to experience a bit of road rage, the advice to “stay calm” is sometimes easier said than done. One way to prevent road rage is to stop assigning personalities to other drivers.

It can feel easy to assign blame to others. But, maybe it’s a new driver, scared to death on Los Angeles’ 405 freeway. If your mentality tends to drop to the teach-him-a-lesson train of thought, simply don’t do it. While you can not control other drivers, you can control your reactions to inconveniences on the road. Our California auto accident lawyers have some tips to help you work on keeping your rage in check when you’re behind the wheel.

You Can Control Your Anger

Driving aggressively is one thing, but if your road rage causes an accident, you won’t get much sympathy from the judge. If you cause a vehicular homicide, you could spend time – a long time – in jail. When you feel anger on the road, try these tips:

  • Don’t drive angry. If you’re already upset, take time to diffuse before you drive.
  • Drive defensively. Anticipate other cars’ actions by checking your mirrors. Keep an eye on the car that is driving too fast or erratically. Do your best to avoid it. Get in the habit of using turn signals when changing lanes.
  • Go to a happy place. Listen to music that is calming or to which you like to sing-along. Prioritize what’s important. Your family, your life is important. You can get over being late to a meeting faster than you can recover from an auto accident injury.
  • Remind yourself: Everyone is human and humans make mistakes.

Diffuse Road Rage Situations

There are several ways to avoid becoming the victim of a road rage accident. First, never consider an anger-driven situation on the road as a win/lose proposition. If you suffer property damage or injury, nobody really wins.

Being aware of road-rage triggers is helpful. Common causes of road rage include:

  • Annoyance at someone honking
  • Being cut-off
  • Fighting over a parking space
  • Giving or receiving rude gestures
  • Not allowing another to pass
  • Stuck behind a slower driver
  • Tailgating

Your road rage solutions can include:

  • Avoid eye contact with angry drivers; give them plenty of room.
  • Avoid using your horn as “punishment.”
  • Listen to music you enjoy.
  • Move over to another lane if someone is tailgating you.
  • Plan ahead; allow time for delays during your trip.
  • When you make a mistake, use an “I’m sorry” gesture (wave, etc.).

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