News: Corey Eschweiler Participates in Harvard Law Master Negotiation Program

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Corey M. Eschweiler Invited to Participate in Harvard Law School’s Master Negotiation Program

Corey EschweilerLos Angeles, CA (May 09, 2017) —Attorney Corey Eschweiler was invited to participate in Harvard Law School’s Master Negotiation Program; a class at Harvard for elite negotiators from around the world. Approximately 60 lawyers and executives from across the globe were selected to attend the two-day program and participated in multiple intensive simulated negotiations where they gained insight on how to improve their abilities to effectively negotiate and create additional value in deals and disputes.

The Harvard Law School Master program is led by a distinguished team of educators, authors, thought innovators, and practitioners. Eschweiler was thrilled with the opportunity to further hone his negotiation skills alongside top industry leaders.

“This was a fantastic experience dealing with negotiators from not only different countries, but different occupations, who brought vastly different perspectives and ideas about how to approach negotiations.” Corey Eschweiler added, “To incorporate these perspectives moving forward will be invaluable.”

Contact Corey Eschweiler directly at (323) 999-HELP (323-999-4357) or via online learn more about his Harvard Law School’s Master Negotiation Program experience.